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10 wins & 18 nominations.

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Mission: Impossible II

Genres: Adventure, Action, Thriller

Countries: USA, Germany

Released: 2000

Mission: Impossible II

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Mission: Impossible II

Mission: Impossible II: hd.1080p

Chimera is a deadly virus that will bare a deathly death unless you are given the antidote. The creator of Chimera is murdered and the antidote is stolen by a disavowed IMF agent, Sean Ambrose. The Impossible Mission Force, IMF, hire the skilled and charming Ethan Hunt, and the beautiful Nyah Nirdoff-Hall, who has had her share with Ambrose. Their mission, should they choose to accept it is to send Hirdoff-Hall undercover to Ambrose and learn what she can for Hunt to bring down Chimera, but they will have to break into a secure lab by jumping off buildings and dodging bullets. Its impossible.

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Elisha Cuthbert


Rachel Griffiths

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