Episode The End of the Aisle

Season 9, episode 22 of How I Met Your Mother

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The End of the Aisle

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Countries: USA

Released: 2014

The End of the Aisle

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The End of the Aisle

Just before the wedding, Robin is wondering whether she is making a mistake in marrying Barney. She feels that her husband should have come through for her in finding her locket. Ted, who does have her locket, has to decide what to do with it and what to tell her about it. Meanwhile, Barney is having problems writing his wedding vows. Marshall and Lily believe they are the wedding vow experts. However, Barney points out how they have not kept any of their wedding vows. Barney's point makes Marshall and Lily critically examine what they said to each other seven years ago. In turn, their review of their vows help Barney come up with his.

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Jessica Capshaw


Lindsay Sloane

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