Episode Last Forever: Part One

Season 9, episode 23 of How I Met Your Mother

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Last Forever: Part One

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Countries: USA

Released: 2014

Last Forever: Part One

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Last Forever: Part One

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The continuing story Ted is telling his kids about how he met their mother picks up at Robin and Barney's wedding reception. Despite being mesmerized by her when he first spots her as the bass player in the wedding reception band and despite Barney believing that she too could be Ted's true soul mate, Ted, after an emotional goodbye to his friends, left the reception early without speaking to her to head back to the city as he was moving to Chicago the next day, and thus did not want to start something he couldn't finish. With help from a woman at the Farhampton train station, Ted received what he and that woman both believed was a sign for him to actually speak to their mother. Following that initial meeting, Ted changes the focus of his and his mother's story to the not so straightforward road to their wedding day. With the kids' "aunts" and "uncles", Ted tells them of the next four years, which includes their Aunt Robin's burgeoning news career doing international assignments, ...

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Julianna Guill


Diablo Cody

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