Episode Last Forever: Part Two

Season 9, episode 24 of How I Met Your Mother

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Last Forever: Part Two

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Countries: USA

Released: 2014

Last Forever: Part Two

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Last Forever: Part Two

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The continuing story Ted is telling his kids about how he met their mother picks up in 2020, when his gang of friends were largely the same as at Robin and Barney's wedding, except... Ted and their mother still have not made it to the altar, despite both of the kids already having been born, the delay due to timing issues and wedding priorities. Marshall finally receives that much wanted call telling him that he has been offered a judgeship. It's a few years after Robin and Barney's divorce, with Barney having returned to his carousing ways. A major event that occurred in carrying out the new plays in his playbook ended up having what would be the most profound change in his mentality. The "except" part concerns Robin, who is now largely out of their lives, despite the six of them vowing that they would be there for each other for all the big events. Ted looks back once again to his initial meeting with their mother and why it seemed like destiny to be with her, before he concludes ...

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Carla Gugino


Malin Akerman

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