Episode Ocean Frank

Season 7, episode 13 of Rizzoli & Isles

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Ocean Frank

Genres: Drama, Crime, Mystery

Released: 2016

Ocean Frank

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Ocean Frank

It's Jane's last day and it's also Korsak's, it seems like he's using his vacation and sick leaves to get out. They get a call about of a man who died apparently while engaged in a sex act. But Maura reveals that's not how he died. They learn the man is married to a Chinese woman who's disappeared. They learn her identity appears to be false. They learn she met her husband at a social club which appears to be where old men can meet young women. They find her and she says she killed her husband but when Maura figures out what happened to him she says it's impossible for her to have done it.

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Monique Gabriela Curnen


Jennifer Carpenter

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