Episode Stiffed

Season 7, episode 11 of Rizzoli & Isles

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Genres: Drama, Crime, Mystery

Released: 2016


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At a funeral, the casket is dropped and it's discovered that there are two bodies. So Jane and Korsak go to the funeral where the casket was prepared and they learn the other body is the owner of the funeral home. They talk to the man's sister to find out what she knows and she says she doesn't know anything. They later learn the brother was trying to sell the business without his sister's knowledge. They later find other caskets that have two bodies in them and think they might have a serial killer who uses the funeral home to hide his victims. Jane's mom learns of her plans to move away which doesn't make her happy. Tommy comes for a visit with his son and says that there are some changes. And Maura works at her mother's clinic and has a patient who's a baby and seriously sick.

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Lauren German


Stephanie Honoré

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