Episode The Artist in His Museum

Season 1, episode 5 of American Gothic

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The Artist in His Museum

Genres: Drama, Mystery

Countries: USA

Released: 2016

The Artist in His Museum

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The Artist in His Museum

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With Gunther cleared as the Silver Bells Killer (SBK), the police's attention returns to the Hawthornes, most specifically Cam as the one whose belt which was used in the last murder was found. This focus on Cam makes Brady have to perform yet another balancing act in doing his job as a homicide detective on the one hand, and abiding by Tessa's wishes in leaving their family alone in the matter on the other hand. Knowing that he has to hide out from the police while he goes through withdrawal, Cam is able to make his way back to the mansion, where all three of his siblings vow to help him. Through the process: Cam has some recurring hallucinations of a dead body, which, during his more lucid moments, he has to figure out if they truly are hallucinations or repressed memories; Garrett and Alison in their time alone together may come to a better understanding of each other; and, Garrett asks Christina for help, despite he running off without a reason during what was supposed to be their...

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