Episode Nighthawks

Season 1, episode 3 of American Gothic

Internet Movie Database

Genres: Mystery

Countries: USA

Released: 2016


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Brady divulges to Tessa, who in turn tells the family, that new evidence in the Silver Bells Murder case is that he has a photograph of Cam as a teenager wearing the distinctive belt like the one that was discovered as evidence in the collapsed tunnel. Brady believes the easiest course of action to clear Cam if the photograph does come to light to his superiors is to get a sample of Cam's DNA, a request which Cam is advised by the family not to oblige. Brady has to decide if he will take measures against Tessa's wishes in getting that DNA sample. Alison and Naomi believe they can get the support of New England Patriot Stephen Gostkowski, which would ensure an election victory. The campaign event announcing that support takes a turn with an unexpected guest. Madeline continues to take control of the situation, now that she is the owner of Hawthorne Concrete. She also believes that Gunther may be problematic. Jack's latest action leads to Cam finally agreeing to get Jack some therapy. ...

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Frances O'Connor


Madison Davenport

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