Episode The Chess Players

Season 1, episode 6 of American Gothic

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The Chess Players

Genres: Drama, Mystery

Countries: USA

Released: 2016

The Chess Players

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The Chess Players

News that Cam's DNA has been collected and that he is not the SBK but that there is a familial match (meaning that a blood relation of Cam's is the SBK) quickly hits the media which in turn derails what was a successful debate Alison was having against Mayor Conley. The police issue warrants to collect DNA from all the Hawthorne family members, which they are able to do except from Garrett who has disappeared without anyone in the family knowing where he is. With the vultures as Jack calls them i.e. the media circling the mansion, the family members feel trapped inside. In their confinement, they start to act the vultures themselves in attacking other family members. Beyond some railing against Tessa and by association Brady for allowing Cam's DNA to be collected and tested, Madeline, Cam and Alison all have their own theories about SBK in relation to their family. Within the situation, Sophie, who is able to gain access to the house, tries to convince Cam that she is not the source ...

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Jennifer Ehle


Juno Temple

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