Episode Madame X

Season 1, episode 12 of American Gothic

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Madame X

Genres: Drama, Mystery

Countries: USA

Released: 2016

Madame X

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Because of Madeline and Garrett coming clean about the events of the night of David Morales' murder as they know it (or purport to know it), Brady has no other option but to charge them for their various crimes. They assisting and cooperating in the on-going investigation as to SBK's identity and his accomplice could help their cause in the long run. The one favor Garrett asks in return is to be able to contact Christina in whatever form so that she can hear the story directly from him rather than through a third party. In general, the family and the police believe the safest place for them away from whoever SBK's accomplice is at the house. In the process of safeguarding the house, Alison discovers more about the events not only of that night but also about the recent deaths of her father and Jennifer Windham, these discoveries which could further affect the family dynamic. Alison also gets a telephone call from Naomi, who she has to decide if she will let back into at least her ...

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