Episode Whistler's Mother

Season 1, episode 13 of American Gothic

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Whistler's Mother

Genres: Drama, Mystery

Countries: USA

Released: 2016

Whistler's Mother

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Whistler's Mother

It's election day. Most of the family is at Alison's campaign headquarters, both as a measure of support to Alison and as it is perhaps the safest place from an attack by SBK's accomplice being so public. There are two conspicuously absent family members: Madeline, who may no longer be welcome based on the confrontation she and Alison had; and Alison herself, she who has missed some key engagements on this important day, and who is not picking up her cell phone. Alison's absence worries the family, as she being possibly abducted by the accomplice. As Tessa passes this news to Brady, he and Cutter may have to work fast to discover who the accomplice is, they knowing that it is SBK's daughter, who would now be in her thirties and may have worked her way into a position of trust within the Hawthorne family circle. While most of the family is at campaign headquarters, Madeline is oblivious to what is happening being self sequestered at home with her private security detail, which may ...

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